A Return To The Studio and Painting


2020 was a roller coaster ride of changes, uncertainty and ultimately, a return to my studio, and creativity. This year, I became an empty nester, I lost my 14 year old beloved lab, "Blue" and subsequently adopted a sweet little rescue pup, "Daisy". I moved back into the great room as my studio and bought the professional easel BEST Santa Fe II easel which I purchased originally in 1999, over 20 years ago when I first started selling my art. I sold it 10 years ago when I unofficially gave up on my career as an artist, and lost my inspiration and passion in the midst of life and raising kids.  

Purchasing this easel again and setting up my studio has been symbolic for me as I re-invest in myself, both my creativity, authenticity and what fuels my spirit. Creativity has always been my way of finding meaning, balance, presence and mindfulness in this world, and by setting up my studio, buying the easel and starting to paint again, I was giving myself permission to be the creative person I have always needed to be. As a process oriented painter, I never know where the painting will end up, and the process of setting up my supplies and beginning with the blank artist panels.  

I am so excited for the new works, the creative process and my new space which has unlimited potential!